• Via Don Vico - 07024 La Maddalena (Olbia - Tempio) Sardegna

Our exclusive packages are created in order to allow our Guest to enjoy in the easiest way the sea and sand of La Maddalena’s Archipelago. Each of our packages is a combination of the room and the inflatable boat, scooter or electric bicycle. Ideal ways to enjoy the beautiful nature of our Island.
These are the best solution to satisfy the desire of adventure. Our equipment is cleaned and consigned every morning by our staff, which will take care to clean them, refill them in petrol, and prepare them for the next tour or ride. The staff assistance is guarantee for all the rental period.

Hotel vehicles:

  • Inflatable boats Lomac, 6 meters with a Yamaha motor 40 cv, four stroke engine, 100 liters petrol tank, clean water shower, sunbathing space, boarding ladder, space to safeguard your bags, coolbag(to seek at the reception), map of the archipelago.
  • Scooter Kimko Agility 125 cc, along with helmets and helmets box.
  • Electric bicycles

CONTACT US and ask for BOOKUNG Information, we will be happy to send you our best offer for your holidays on the island of La Maddalena.

Excursions Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva

The Villa del Parco Hotel and Casa Ilva Suite & Breakfast has its own fleet of crafts, scooters, bikes and off-road vehicles with which you can go off on the discovery of the wonders of the La Maddalena archipelago and Corsica. There are various options depending on your needs – our staff will be able to help you. 

Villa del Parco Hotel and Residence La Maddalena

Services Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva

  • Villa del Parco Packages
  • Casa Ilva Packages
  • Excursions on Boat
  • Aperitif and Dinner on Board
  • Taxi Boat
  • Trekking e Mountain Bike Excursions
  • Shuttle Services
  • Boat, scooter and bike rental
  • Pets Policy
  • Shower room and baggage storage
  • Free Wifi

Location Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva