• Via Don Vico - 07024 La Maddalena (Olbia - Tempio) Sardegna

Depandance in the City Center "Casa Ilva"

  • Type: two-roomed apartment
    It can accommodate up to 4 people

Two-room apartments located in La Maddalena's old town, in a historical building.
Just few meters distance from the port and a short walk from Via Garibaldi, the central and most important street of La Maddalena island, where you will find shops, restaurants, bars, kiosks, the church, public transport and market.The apartments include a living room within a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom within shower, they offer air conditioning / heating, TV, Free Internet WI-FI, wall-mounted hair dryer. The furniture is inspired by the Shabby Chic style.

Always included in the room price, we offer a daily Taxi Boat service to the island of Spargi, in the period from 1 May to 30 September.

Excursions Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva

The Villa del Parco Hotel and Casa Ilva Suite & Breakfast has its own fleet of crafts, scooters, bikes and off-road vehicles with which you can go off on the discovery of the wonders of the La Maddalena archipelago and Corsica. There are various options depending on your needs – our staff will be able to help you. 

Villa del Parco Hotel and Residence La Maddalena

Services Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva

  • Villa del Parco Packages
  • Casa Ilva Packages
  • Excursions on Boat
  • Aperitif and Dinner on Board
  • Taxi Boat
  • Trekking e Mountain Bike Excursions
  • Shuttle Services
  • Boat, scooter and bike rental
  • Pets Policy
  • Shower room and baggage storage
  • Free Wifi

Location Villa del Parco & Casa Ilva